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Why you should hire your Video Walls

The great thing about hiring video walls is that you have complete flexibility over the size, specification, and purpose of your equipment. Video walls are a fantastic solution for a variety of events, from product launches to corporate events. They always look impressive and video walls can be particularly advantageous for companies who are showcasing their businesses at an exhibition. At IT Rentals, we provide a variety of Plasma, LED, and LCD Video Walls to suit whatever occasion.

Our engineers are expertly trained and we are capable of supporting even the largest of configurations. All of our video walls are securely delivered in flight cases and we always ensure that our products are brought to our customers in the best possible condition. We also take responsibility for installing all of our equipment and we even de-install each of our video walls.

All of our panels are sourced from the most popular and highly respected manufactures in the industry. This includes NEC, LG, and Samsung. In addition to this, we have delivered video walls to various venues throughout the UK. Amongst others, this includes:

  • The National Exhibition Centre (Birmingham)
  • Earls Court
  • QEII Conference Centre
  • Harrogate International
  • Manchester Central

Our dedicated courier service (APC) can deliver to anywhere in the UK and will even deliver beyond working hours to ensure that our customers receive their products on time.

If you are looking to hire a video wall, or would just like to learn more, here is a summary of our most popular products.

LED Wall

LED Video Walls are a fantastic choice for customers who require fantastic picture quality. LED technology gives ultra-bright image quality and is particularly attractive when mounted together into panels. In addition to this, LED panels also have excellent colour rendering and are especially striking. On the whole, they are more energy efficient than their counterparts and are capable of running at 135 lumens/watt. There is no warm-up period and LED screens will start up in seconds. They are also particularly durable with no filament or bulbs which can be broken.

In addition to this, our LED Full HD Panels come in either 55’’ or 46’’ specification. This gives our customers complete flexibility in terms of size, internal specification, and function.

While our most popular LED Wall configuration is 3x3, we also stock 1x3, 2x2, 4x4, and 5x5 for every occasion. Given that these wall configurations come in individual panels that can be assembled on site, our customers have complete flexibility. You can arrange the LED HD Panels in a variety of ways, including in a ‘single line’ or ‘letterbox’ formation. This means that you can create a video wall that will directly correspond with the space you have available. Furthermore, we can also build a larger screen by assembling smaller HD Panels (such as 16:9 aspect ratio). In doing so, it’s possible for businesses to play different content on each screen. This will ensure that your videos/images are engaging and impressive to customers and clients alike.

In terms of our LED Wall Panels, one of our most popular models is the LG 55inch Video Wall. It has a Full HD monitor for an enhanced viewing experience. This is a great choice for clients who want to draw attention to their stand.

In addition to this, the NEC X463UN LED Wall Panel model is also a popular choice for the 3x3 wall configuration. It has an extremely high performance LED backlit video wall, making it very useful for high performance tasks (like videos). Here are its specification:

  • Auto ID Feature
  • Direct LED technology (for the best possible picture quality)
  • NEC dual slot technology
  • DICOM support
  • Custom ambient light sensor
  • Advanced fan control

We only ever stock the best products in the industry. The NEC X463UN won the award for ‘Most InAVative Commercial Product’ in the 2013 InAVation Awards. That’s why we recommend the NEC X463UN.

More generally, however, the 3x3 LED Wall configuration measures at 3075 mm x 1737 mm. Depending on your needs, it can be either wall mounted or set up with free-standing legs. Customers often choose to use free-standing legs because they are quick to assemble and can be moved with relative ease. However, if you choose to mount your LED Wall, we can configure this into the stand design. We offer this service because it allows our customers to start up their LED screens as quickly as possible. In the past, our customers have also requested that their video walls be installed in marquees for outdoor events. To accommodate this, we are always happy to create bespoke solutions for your display requirements.

Furthermore, we use super-slim bezels (only 6mm) when we install the panels. These are the slimmest bezels on the market and give the LED Walls an extra sleek aesthetic. Our expert engineers have been trained to assemble LED screens in the quickest and most efficient manner possible.

Regardless of the size of your panels, there are many benefits to buying LED screens. The image quality is virtually unparalleled and looks fantastic for showcasing and advertising products. LED screens are also easy to connect to your laptop or computer. Each LED screen has an HMDI/DVI connection that can be easily configured to other IT equipment.


Plasma screens are a great option for a variety of reasons. First of all, they have a superior contrast ratio compared to other non-Plasma television screens. Compared to the LCD, furthermore, Plasma screens have wider viewing angles and don’t suffer from degradation at high angles. Finally, Plasma screens also have less motion blur due to their faster response time. This gives them an overall superior performance when displaying video content.

Like our LED screens, our Plasma models are a fantastic solution for displaying content at product launches and road shows. All of our models have anti-reflective/anti-glare panels which can be used in bright environments. This is particularly useful for our clients who require a Plasma screen for retail or even outdoor use.

The Plasma Wall screens are more flexible, in terms of arrangement, than their LED counterparts. They can be delivered in the following configurations:

  • 2x2
  • 3x3
  • 4x2
  • 6x6

The beauty of our Plasma Wall range is that our customers can create a visual arrangement which suits their needs and space available. You can play different content on each individual screen and even different videos on each panel. If need be, furthermore, it is also possible to play rolling loop videos on all screens at once using our Plasma technology.

In some cases (such as the 4x2 Plasma Wall), our products can also be rented out for up to one week. This gives our clients complete flexibility and means that Plasma screens can be useful for more than just one day events. For example, customers in the past have used our screens for presentations and digital signage.

If we don’t have a size that fits your requirements, then we have a fantastic solution. We also provide bespoke-size Plasma technology for our customers. This means that you’ll never be limited by screen size ever again. In addition to this, there is a unique advantage to using panels over larger televisions. Panels are much more portable than using 103’’ - 152’’ screens and can be taken apart and manoeuvered much more securely. Furthermore, they are much more visually striking and have greater content flexibility.

Bespoke Size Plasma/LCD Wall

Our bespoke service allows our customers to create a Plasma/LCD display that specifically fits their needs. If you require video panels for a larger event, for example, then it’s possible to create a bespoke and striking panel arrangement. This can be incredibly important at exhibitions where potentially thousands of people will be in the room at any one time. It’s vital that your business stands out and IT Rentals is always here to help.

In order to create a bespoke video wall, IT Rentals staff work closely with our clients to ascertain their needs and technological requirements. Some of the questions we may wish to consider could be:

  • What sort of event do you need a Plasma/LED Screen for?
  • What purpose will your screen fulfill (e.g. advertising, presenting etc)?
  • What type of space do you have available?
  • How many people will occupy your space?
  • Will you require additional technological support?

It’s vitally important to us that our customers hire the equipment which is best suited to their needs. There’s no point in delivering a screen that is too big or too small for a given exhibition space. Furthermore, we want to be able to create a panel arrangement that is both attractive and functional.

In addition to renting out Plasma and LCD Walls, we also offer a useful service to our customers who require further support. IT Rentals is able to test content in advance, before our screens are delivered on site. This can offer added peace of mind for our clients who don’t need to worry about whether their products will function correctly on the day. Overall, our ability to test-run content before delivery is one of the benefits of being a smaller IT hire company. We take pride in ensuring that all of our equipment is tested and delivered to the highest of standards.

Furthermore, we are also able to provide full technical drawings for our clients on the day. We understand that not everyone has operated a Plasma/LCD screen before so technical drawings are advantageous. While our IT staff are always here to help, it never does any harm to be extra cautious.

Our Service

One of the reasons that our customers hire their LED/Plasma video screens is because they are so flexible and visually engaging. Given that you can assemble the panels however you like, video screens offer much more creative control than other ordinary screens. Many of our customers opt for the 3x3 configuration but we also offer a bespoke service for our clients. Even more so, the panels can be arranged both on the wall and on stands. Our 6mm bezels will also ensure that your screen is displayed in the most ergonomic way possible. The less space your equipment uses up, the better.

We are always interested to know about the variety of ways that our customers use their rented equipment. In terms of LED/Plasma screens, this can include small occasions such as:

  • Examinations
  • Meetings
  • Presentations

However, it’s also beneficial to hire video panels for larger events:

  • Conferences
  • Exhibitions
  • Retail space
  • Product launches
  • Special corporate events

Hiring your IT equipment for one-off, important events takes away the stress of buying and installing your own technology.

Additionally, one of the many benefits of hiring your LED/Plasma screen with IT Rentals is our fantastic customer service. All of our rentals are fully insured against theft, loss, or damage. This means that our customers have added peace of mind that all of our products are protected. Our products are all insured with HAE (Hire Association Europe) which means that we our policies are entirely comprehensive.

Furthermore, it’s much more cost effective to rent Plasma and LCD screens than buying them in-store. Often these screens can cost tens of thousands of pounds. However, when you rent your IT equipment, you can pay in small installments and even get discount for renting in bulk. You can also decide on how long you wish to hire your equipment for. Most commonly, we rent our Plasma/LCD Screens out for either:

  • 1 day
  • 2 days
  • 3 days
  • 1 week
  • 1-2 weeks

In addition to this, IT Rentals has a dedicated team of qualified engineers who will install of your equipment on the day. We understand that exhibitions can be stressful enough without needing to worry about setting up technology too. If you require extra peace of mind, furthermore, we can test your content on our screens in-house before delivery. This can be particularly useful for our clients who are giving special presentations or promoting a new company product.

If you are interested in hiring Plasma/LCD Screens with IT Rentals, then you can call or email one of our members of staff to receive a free quote.

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