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ITR are proud to offer a premium selection of photocopier rental deals.

From our perfectly compact A4 Desktop Mono Copier, to the impressive A4 Floorstanding Colour Copier, we offer a range of photocopy solutions for businesses throughout the UK. Our dedicated team of equipment hire specialists have first-hand experience of implementing this technology in our own office - so we’re in the perfect position to help other businesses do exactly the same.

Utilising our industry knowledge, we have chosen the top performing and most cost-effective photocopiers available on the market. These can be used for a variety of different purposes - from setting up an exhibition space, to providing temporary assistance in new company premises.

With this in mind, here is a brief introduction into the significant advantages of photocopier hire - including why it could help to make your daily business processes that bit easier.

Floorstanding Photocopiers

One of the most popular products we stock at ITR are floorstanding photocopiers.

Reliable, robust and extremely powerful, this equipment is able to carry out a range of complicated tasks at one time - without compensating on performance.

A4 Floorstanding Colour Photocopiers, for example, come with the following features as standard:

  • Compact A4 functionality
  • Fast and efficient output
  • MFP network capability
  • Network connectivity
  • ‘Send’ scanning and faxing

This means that you can always rely on our products to complete even the most demanding of tasks. Say goodbye to the last-minute Friday rush.

Desktop Photocopiers

If you don’t have the space for a floorstanding copier, or would prefer something more compact for the office, then a desktop photocopier could be the ideal solution for you.

Our desktop photocopiers also come with a number of standard features, including:

  • 20-30 copies per minute
  • Colour
  • Double-sided capabilities
  • Automatic energy saving function
  • Easy network connectivity
  • Easy setup

Overall, desktop photocopiers are a popular option because they don’t sacrifice performance for the sake of size. They can still carry out a number of complicated tasks - whilst helping businesses to complete their administrative duties with the highest levels of efficiency.

Like our other products, ITR rentals can also install your desktop photocopier directly in your office. We can also provide any other necessary equipment too - such as HDMI or USB cables.

Photocopy Solutions for Events

As you might have already guessed, desktop photocopiers are extremely popular amongst businesses that attend special events.

If you need to print or fax documents quickly, then having access to a desktop photocopier could be invaluable. You won’t need to worry about borrowing someone else’s equipment or rushing to the nearest printing business.

Furthermore, ITR are able to provide desktop photocopiers that connect wirelessly to your computer or tablet device - making it easier to print files in the most efficient way possible.

We can even deliver to and install equipment directly at your specific event, helping to save you precious time and money.

Why use ITR for Photocopiers?

At ITR, we have an expert team of equipment rental specialists - all of whom know how important it is to have a photocopier that not only works efficiently, but helps to make your printing and copying processes much easier.

It’s all too easy for an office to grind to halt when the photocopier doesn’t operate properly. Perhaps you can’t complete your basic administration, or make copies of important files that need to be sent to head office. Either way, bad equipment costs businesses money - and that’s why equipment hire is becoming an increasingly popular option amongst company owners.

The unfortunate truth is that the upfront costs associated with photocopier purchases can be substantial. This is particularly difficult for small-medium sized enterprises - especially when your priority is to generate business, not incur large one-off payments.

Photocopier rental, however, is much more cost-effective - giving businesses the options of paying in small, regular payments. At ITR, we also provide a comprehensive insurance policy on all our photocopier equipment. So you won’t need to worry about paying extra for any potential maintenance fees.

To make things even easier, we’ll even visit your business or event premises to install the photocopier. This helps to ensure you can be up and running as quickly as possible - rather than wasting time and money paying for additional IT support.

If you would like to learn more about our excellent range of photocopier rental deals, then please contact one of our friendly members of staff today on 0845 0722 888.

Alternatively, please browse through our range of photocopiers above.

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