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Exhibitions, industry showcases and public stalls all offer businesses the opportunity to directly interact with potential customers. Whilst in the dusty days of the 20th century, this could have simply been a friendly staff members on hand to help, technology and online presence has really changed the game.

With the help of tablets, digital signage and even smartphones, ITR has seen a massive change in the interactivity of exhibitions. We’re proud to help companies interact with customers through our own equipment, and always keep an eye on what’s popular in the current market. Be it at a business exhibition, museum space or travelling shows, we’ve seen so many incredible interactive experiences showcasing the cutting edge of brand presentation and we want to share them with you.

Whilst many of these are on a mammoth scale (or budget), their lessons can be taken and used to great effect. A good presentation can rocket your brand, and with the social media offering immediate shares and publicity, there’s no excuse to not really show off your company’s creativity. Here’s our list of some of the best interactive experiences we've discovered so far.

Meet Mr. Holland

The first entrant on the list of best interactive experiences was probably quite simple to organise, yet it is also one of the most successful. Doing away with tech heavy stalls, Mr. Holland is the Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions spokesperson, dressed in a rather eye catching orange suit. He is the quintessential Dutch host, travelling across the world promoting the Netherlands as a top location for business meetings.

With a cheeky demeanour, it shows how a company can really use the charisma of a single member of staff to bring about a fun and engaging interactive experience with exhibition visitors. However, a standout feature of this experience isn’t just meeting Mr. Holland, but his comprehensive and regularly updated online presence. Following up and preparing for an exhibition appearance, Mr. Holland posts a series of photos and videos online.

An ITR favourite are the photos of Mr. Holland with a sculpture of orange paint thrown from a can. Posing with visitors all over the show, it’s something incredibly shareable and simple, but invites a high level of fun and interactivity.

When considering an interactive experience, technology is a great addition, but not the be all and end all. Even with some incredible pyramid stall design, a friendly face can make the event even better.

Bose Ideal Home Show

From a minimalist visitor experience to the bespoke, Bose are a company that go all out when engaging the public. Here, UK group Whiteroom were brought on board to produce a custom designed exhibition stall, inviting visitors to experience their fantastic products with a clear and practically built series of stands.

Bose also included two theatres for potential customers at the Ideal Home Show to have an immersive insight into the technology they had on offer, and a modular table display for their sound dock and PC equipment. This is a perfect example of how solid and clever design can draw the customers to you.

For companies with a product to show, letting their work speak for itself can often be the best method. Bose show their confidence as industry leaders with a sleek stall that gives customers what they want; an experience of their top quality equipment.

Unsurprisingly, this stall was a huge success, selling numerous products over the days of the show and going on to be installed at various other exhibitions. Whilst the technology they presented was high end, their presentation choice was simple and well thought out.

One of the best things about this stall is that customers came on their own initiative, rather than being coaxed over by staff. If you’ve got a product on show, then let the customers experience it; the less barriers the better.

Ideum: Tablets and Screens

Since 1999, the interactive experience company Ideum have been producing some incredible sights for visitors and customers to experience at countless exhibitions. Working with some of the world’s best known brands, they have taken large scale approaches that make full use of touchscreen technology.

For instance, the Groovik’s cube provided viewers with the chance to solve a 26 feet tall Rubik’s cube, using interactive touchscreens that were installed in the exhibition space. Visitors could download a custom built app that allowed them to control the device. Offering use with a personal device is an ingenious idea. Ideum believed the majority of their customers would have a tablet or smartphone with them, and they were right. The company managed to make their interactive experience unique by allowing people to make a digital connection to their products.

Following on from this is their work at the ArcelorMittal Orbit. Here, Ideum took the design of artist Sir Anish Kapoor and installed some incredible interactive exhibits. Using large digital touchscreens, viewers could explore a digital version of the London skyline in a way never before seen, viewing sights on a crystal clear gigapixel image.

Whilst the setting is truly unique, the technology itself isn’t difficult to replicate. With app design readily available nowadays, everyone can potentially produce their own bespoke app for use at stalls and conventions. Larger touchscreens are used already by many companies at exhibitions, but being creative and clever with the content you present takes your work from something that looks great, to something that provides the viewer with an unforgettable experience.

Thinkwell: Bringing the inanimate to life

The last entrant on our exploration of interactive experiences is the company Thinkwell, producers of both large scale corporate experiences and theme parks. Their marriage of the immersive worlds of theme parks alongside brand products makes Thinkwell leaders in the world of interactive experiences.

Their work with the Warner Bros. Making of Harry Potter Studio tour is a testament to this, taking a well loved franchise and bringing visitors into the world. Many reading may be sceptical that this was a major feat; after all, Harry Potter props must be interesting to see, but if they’re just locked away in cabinets it can feel a little more like a stuffy museum space than an exciting exploration into the wizard’s world.

Thinkwell dealt with this superbly. Whilst smaller objects are in themed cabinets, costumes are presented within the sets from the film, dropping the viewer right into the centre of the action. Making full use of the film’s sets produced over the course of production, visitors receive a unique opportunity to interact with props and settings from the films. From the detailed Pivot Drive set out doors to the wizarding world, an interactive broom flying section and even butter beer tasting, the secret is offering interaction for visitors whenever possible.

The tour is still going strong, seen here, despite plans for the experience to last only a year. Not to give anything away, but the entrance into the world is truly mesmerising. Whether you’re a fan of the franchise or not, this experience shows how you can take still objects that aren’t to be touched and present them in a way that makes a visitor feel involved.

Want to see how this can be used in a more business minded sense? Have a look at their proposed works for the Dubai World Expo in 2020. Whilst making full use of performance space and digital work, it looks to be an incredible event.

Interactive Experiences for visitors

The key thing to take away from these excellent examples of interactive experiences is that they are always keeping the visitor in mind. Rather than merely showing off the latest of their products or services, they invite the viewer to see the brand for themselves, forming a much stronger relationship.

From simple human interaction to large scale digital works, there are a multitude of things companies can take advantage of when considering interactive exhibitions

Have you been to any great interactive experiences? Let us know in the comments!


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