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Light Emitting Diodes or LEDS are, quite frankly, the technology of the future. Since they were produced in the early 1960s, these semi-conducting light sources have gone from strength to strength. Lightweight, efficient and most importantly, bright, they’re longer lasting and use less energy than regular lighting systems. ITR cannot talk enough about these incredible devices.

Whether it’s an LED TV, strip lighting or bulbs, they’re used in nearly all parts of our day to day life. They’re also being utilised in some incredible ways you may not have known about. From dynamic advertising to ground breaking scientific theories, LED lights have a huge range of uses. And if they can do this, just think what they could do for company rental equipment.

See below and dream with these shining examples of LED use.

Raising Money For Charity

Part of LEDs success is that they can present a massive range of colours clearly and brightly in a way that is quick and simple to set up. Unlike Plasma screens, which can be heavy and difficult to transport, LED offers the same high quality sharp images that are perfect for public display in a light weight and energy efficient format.

A perfect example of how this can be used to great effect is with Mind Pong, where a large LED screen was installed on Ocean Outdoor’s Eat Street, inviting passersby take part in a game of pong unlike you’ve ever played before. The only way to play was by controlling it with your mind. Taking place over this summer, the event was in aid of The Brain Tumour Charity, with support from M&C Saatchi.

It worked by players wearing a velcroed head band, which then sent their brain waves to control the digital paddles. This was through a new technology called electroencephalography (if you don’t wish to try pronouncing it you can just say EEG), sending the signal over to a large, clear and engaging LED screen. This simple screen technology is available for all companies to take full advantage of, offering a massive presentation medium viewable by everyone in the area.

Scoring Goals

Wembley, the home of British football, have adopted LEDs in a massive and ingenious way since September this year. Working with mobile phone provider EE, they have installed 288 LED lights across the 145 metre high iconic arch. Coinciding with the release of their Wembley app, its a grand signal for the beginning of the stadium’s digital operations.

The hundreds of lights can present millions of colours, perfect to present the many shades and colours of the football kits within the legendary venue. During goal time, the arch will light up when a goal is scored, and presents information such as the playing teams colours in relation to the current score.

Alongside match time, or during another event, the arch will present colours showing social media trends. The latest in Twitter topics will be broadcast across the night sky as a mirage of shades, really showcasing the appearance and responsiveness of LED systems.


Here’s something you may not expect; Philips have produced a wallpaper that is made of LEDs. A whole array of colours changed at a moments notice line could line the walls of any exhibition stall, corporate office or even upscale retail and hotels, allowing an even more dynamic and adaptable space.

The system is part of Philips Ambilight technology, which explores the effect of luminous and changing light on emotional wellbeing. The wall systems were created by incorporating this technology with the company Kvadrat’s soft fabric cells, which when stretched to the right tension could cover a wall in a consistent and changeable hue.

Whilst there is no market price or release date (and this was three years ago), the technology shows how LEDs can be used to help improve all aspects of day to day life including decoration. Having an LED wallpaper could eventually mean you could present large photos or images on your walls to suit whatever occasion. Not to mention the advantages of setting up a simple and changeable exhibition screen.

The Kvadrat fabric also offers acoustic protection, meaning your stall could be a sound proof bubble amidst the hubbub of a public business fair.

Saving Lives

In 2000, NASA looked into the power of LED lights as a potential medical procedure as a substitute to lasers. Lasers, whilst successful, are fraught with issues such as expense and size, making widespread regular application of this technology difficult except for specialist. The company Quantum devices won the small business funding to develop an LED unit that provided a reliable and focussed area of heat.

The result was a success, the WARP 10 LED device, and provides provides relief for muscle spasms, arthritis and can potentially increase blood circulation when required. Better still, this research has been used in photodynamic therapy against cancer and potentially cancerous conditions, with many positive results.

So not only do LEDs look good, but they’re also helping to save lives. As research and demand progresses, who knows where LEDs will shine a light in the medical industry.

Preserving Works of Art

LEDs, with their purer white light, are perfect for preserving and presenting light sensitive works of art. Whereas a constant fear for galleries has been light damage from continuous exposure, LEDs are helping to not only reduce these effects, but allow viewers to bask in the glory of the works much clearer.

The perfect example of this is the installation of 7000 LED lights to none other than the Sistine Chapel. This year, after a great deal of scientific research and testing, a perfect tone for the chapel has been established, creating a natural effect based upon the type of light that artists such as Michelangelo would have painted during the 15th century.

This is an incredible development for art presentation, revealing the art works in a literal new light for the thousands that flock to the holy site. Such technology not only means that galleries around the world could be saving energy, but can present their pieces clearer and without the risk of sun and light damage.

One Technology, Infinite Possibilities

We’ve had a look at some of the most fascinating and groundbreaking ways that LEDs have been used to change the world, and we’ve only scratched the surface. Whether it’s for promotion, presentation or even health care, these lights have been a revolutionary discovery.

Whether you’re using an LED lightbulb, or watching images on an LED screen, each light is an efficient and focussed step towards a clearer future.

What did you think of this blog? Do you know any other incredible uses of LEDs? Let us know in the comments below.


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