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Round Up - Best Releases of 2014

We’re almost at the end of 2014, and what a year it’s been. We’ve seen so many innovations in the past 12 months, it was important to create a blog which informs you about the most defining innovations that we’ve had the privilege of seeing this year.

curvbed tv_1

Curved TV’s

Who would have guessed that the next wave of television technology would be curved. Well, that’s what has happened, with Curved TV’s taking over as the next big thing. They make viewers feel more immersed in what they’re watching, and there’s a much wider field of view.

Apple iPhone 6

Another year, another Apple phone. This year we got to see the iPhone 6, and what an impression it made. With a new design, better battery life and improved keyboard, this series of phones received the much needed reboot it has yearned for for a while. It’s easy to see how well it did, with over 10 million sales in the first weekend alone.

Moto 360

The Moto 360 is Android's a smartwatch powered by Google software. It’s the first of this type of advanced technology we’ve seen, and it has resulted in Apple spending time developing their own version. Some of the features include wireless charging and top standard build quality, all for an affordable price.

Acer C720p Chromebook

This year has shown that more people are investing money in Chromebooks instead of standard laptops, and one that did surprisingly well was the Acer C720p. What makes this standout when compared to other similar releases is how it offers a touchscreen, something that’s not regularly seen in this technology. Along with powerful internal software and a low cost, this is definitely a piece of tech to invest in.

Nokia Lumia 1520

Nokia are no longer the cellphone superpower they used to be back in the 90’s, although their Lumia range has definitely made them a competitor to Apple and Android.

The 1520 was praised this year for having a suitably bright screen, great camera quality and being fast to use. Already the Nokia Lumia 1525 has been announced, and it’ll be interesting to see how the previous model can be improved upon.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S

For the past few years Apple have been dominating the tablet market with their iPad, although Samsung are challenging this. The Galaxy Tab S was released earlier this year, and proved to be extremely popular. Extra power, more connectivity and a refreshing OS ensured the Galaxy Tab S did well, and there’s even another model expected for release next year.

Oculus Rift Development Kit 2

Although the Oculus Rift has been available to select people since 2012, the second development kit was released halfway through 2014. New features included a low persistence OLED display and also low latency positional head tracking. This is an incredibly interesting development, and it’ll be interesting to see the full release next year.

Easier Mobile Payment Systems

In 2015 we can expect to see Apple Pay introduced, something that will make mobile payment systems seem that bit more reliable. This is a way that removes the need of physical cash or even a card. Better known as digital wallets, all you have to do is pass your phone over a scanner and money will be deducted. Technology like this does already exist, but it’s Apple that are introducing it to the wider market.

Affordable 3D Printing

When it was released 3D printing was revolutionary, allowing people to create physical objects from a simple download. The biggest problem was the cost, as it cost thousands of pounds just to print off a simple object. Like with any form of technology, as more time is invested in the development the cheaper it is to own and use. The exact same thing is happening with 3D Printers, with it predicted that there will be a gigantic price drop.

Homes And Cars That Are Connected

Earlier in 2014 Google reported that the smart home is something we can expect in the coming year, and even Apple have developed similar tech. Using your iPhone or iPad you’ll be able to control lights, garage doors, cameras and even thermostats.

Google unveiled Android Auto, something that will be featured in their driverless vehicles. It can be set so that depending where you are, the heating can be turned on in preparation, or the kettle can even start to boil. It adds another layer of connectivity which can assist in making modern life that bit easier.

The Technology of 2014

Above is a selection of the best technology that was released in 2014. It truly has been a year of innovation, and everyone at ITR is excited to see what’s released in the coming months.

What do you think of this blog? Do you know of any other technologies released this year that deserve to be mentioned? Let us know in the comment section below, or on Twitter: @itrEvents.


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