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Our research has shown that 94% of our customers when asked didn't know how many people had visited their exhibition stand and how many people had just passed by...


It also shows that at B2B events and exhibitions 73% of attendees leave their WiFi on when attending a show and at B2C events 61% of attendees don't turn it off. 

Combining our knowledge with this initial statement allowed  us to create software that can track and analyse the amount of people visiting your stand, or even a particular part of your stand.  This software is called Standalytics.

Using technologies that search for people with their WiFi switched on, the discreet Standalytics hubs knows just how many people have passed by and how many people have walked on to the stand and engaged with your brand. 

The hub, that is placed on your stand, creates a virtual perimeter that matches the dimensions of your stand and one that matches the walkways around your stand.  Data is collected from both of these perimeters knowing who has or hasn't visited throughout the duration of the event.


We understand that whether you're creating stand designs for your clients or an exhibitor wanting greater brand awareness, using analytics pays off.  That's why Standalytics allows you to make accurate predictions.

It is extremely advantageous to know how many people have both attended and walked by a stand or feature, but it's industry and though leading to correctly predict stand features and event layouts that have great impact.   

Guesswork should be left to your competition. 

Tracking the performance of visitors at exhibitions and product launches has never been so easy.

To discover more about Standalytics contact us here or visit www.standalytics.co.uk


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