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Information Technology Rentals prides itself on its customer support. We believe every stage of the rental procedure, from customer enquiry right through to the return of the product, requires not only a high level of support but also differing types of support.

Our staff are trained to receive and manage your call to the highest standard. Upon your initial enquiry you will be introduced to a member of ITR's rental staff, who will immediately issue you with a unique call reference number and thereafter stay with you through every step of both your enquiry, through to finalisation of contract.
During your enquiry we offer peace of mind in the knowledge that our rental staff are supported by a team of technical experts, who are there to offer advise and guidance wherever necessary.

In addition to the support offered in the form of maintenance, we are proud to confirm we offer all customers a dedicated telephone support line. This facility is offered free of charge and manned during the hours of 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays and statutory holidays). Your call will be immediately answered by our support team, eliminating any delay in identifying the reason for your call, who have immediate 'on screen' access to your contract details and more importantly the ability to offer all aspects of support required by you the customer.

We guarantee to build in what we term as an 'extension to contract' facility. This offers flexibility at the close of the contract, requiring a mere 7 days notice, an extension to the contractual term can be made by just one phone call. Thus allowing you the flexibility you may require in respect of any last minute unforeseen problems or increased workloads and what's more you are not penalised from a pricing point of view.

At the close of your contract you will be contacted by a member of ITR's staff who will co-ordinate a convenient time for collection to take place.

You can be assured we will be there every step of the way!


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