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ITR have a lot of hidden gems that you might not know about! So we have put together 10 facts that tell you a little bit more about us and let you in on things you could be missing out on.


We are one of a few who stock the 2.5mm Absen LED Wall.


We installed one of the largest high resolution screens ever at a UK exhibition!


Our Viper PC range is designed specifically for the events industry.


We offer virtual reality equipment for your events, including Oculus Rift.


LED walls don’t have to be rectangular. We can personalise the shape and design to suit you.


Our technical support line is open longer than our competitors, giving you our expertise from 6am-10pm Monday to Friday.


Our staff have a combined knowledge of over 321 years of industry experience.


Our equipment can be customised, opening up fantastic opportunities for branding and sponsorship.


We have been at our clients side to ensure exhibition, conference, training and event success over 50,236 times… and counting!


We are a consultative company. We help to make your life easier, ensuring the ITR experience runs as smoothly as possible.



Official Supplier for IBC 2017!


IBC Amsterdam 2017 is the world of electronic media and technology, with over 1,700 international companies showcasing their latest innovations and specialist technologies. You can search for companies by product category and region, or view the full exhibitor list on the IBC Website.

As the Official IT and AV Supplier for IBC we will be supplying exhibitors with the most up to date IT and AV equipment for their exhibition stands. We can provide any AV Equipment you may need including touchscreens, projectors, LED and LCD screens, PA systems, microphones and speakers for the duration of the event. We also offer a wide range of IT Equipment including laptops, PC’s, printers, scanners, monitors and kiosks.

As well as IT and AV equipment we are also an Authorised Rental Partner for Apple. This means we have a large range of iPads, iMacs, MacBooks, iPhones, Mac Mini’s, Mac Pro’s and Mac Cinema Screens available for hire at IBC.

We will also have a dedicated team of technicians and engineers on site for the duration of the event. They will be able to ensure your equipment is set-up and switched on ready to go at the start of each day and they will be on hand to help answer any questions or queries you may have throughout the event.

Give Hayley Woodall a call on 01952 686900 to discuss equipment and offers to suit your solution! 

Click here to see our IBC brochure!


Hire vs Purchase

IT & AV hire makes sense when the equipment you need is only relevant to you for a short period of time doesn’t necessarily justify purchase.

Sourcing new IT or AV equipment can be a lengthy process when your budgets are tight and this usually involves compromising on specification and power. There's also other things to consider, such as hardware support and the possibility the solution isn't quite right for the job in hand. Maybe you just need additional hardware for short term projects, like training testing or a sudden peak in workloads but when hardware gets to the end of its life, you have to repeat the process.

It goes without saying technology is integrated into our everyday lives and the way we communicate our message is more than important than ever, but as technology moves so fast, how can you expect to keep up?

We take a look at the reasons why hiring your IT & AV equipment might be the best solution.

24 hours of technical support and expertise

When renting your products from ITR you will be given dedicated technical support, 24 hours a day, from people who know exactly what they are doing.

Replacement machines will be given within 24 hours if any issues are to arise

If something were to happen to your machine whilst at an event, you will be given replacement machines as soon as possible, whereas with purchase your warranty could be void and it would take much longer to solve issues.

A range of products allows you to pick and choose items to suit your solution

You can choose from a wider range of items which will fit your budget, rather than spending a large amount of money on purchasing a lot of the same equipment.

You are in the position to hire as and when you need the products

Renting products means that you can change it up each time you need to use them, rather than using the same equipment over and over again.

You don’t have to worry about storing the kit in between jobs

If you are limited on space, then renting will ensure that you have somewhere to put the kit rather than leaving it out or in the way.

Organisation of transporting the goods throughout the UK

With rental you have the option to organise transport of goods through your supplier, even less to worry about!

Capital is not always available to buy all the equipment you need, hiring is much more flexible

Rather than splashing out and spending huge amounts of money purchasing, rental will help control budgets as and when you need.

Software licenses are taken care of

We will take care of software licenses and also if you let us know beforehand, we can pre-install agreed software so your equipment is ready when it arrives at your door.

And last but not least…

Renting equipment means you always have the option of the most up to date products

Computers and technology will always eventually go out of date, let us worry about that, why not rent the most up to date technology each time! This means that you will always be able to keep up to date with your competitors.

Overall, hiring allows you to be flexible when budgets are tight and when you require the latest technology with highest specification. Hiring also gives you the 24 hour support before and during your event. With technology changing constantly, hiring allows you to present your product or service in the best possible way.




ITR are expanding at a rapid pace, therefore, we are looking to increase our freelance tech team across video, sound, and lighting. This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in the IT & AV industry and we are interested in techs of all experience levels. 

If you are interested please email your contact details, along with a brief overview of your skills and your CV to freelancers@itrevents.com

We look forward to hearing from you!


We have expanded our team and appointed Chris Cox as our new Technical Director!

As Leading Audio Visual Specialists, we are expanding our ever growing team and have appointed Chris Cox as our new Technical Director.

Previously, Chris worked for Colledge AV as the Managing Director for 10 years and has been in the industry for over 20 years.

Chris brings a wealth of experience to ITR and will help further increase our technical expertise in the audio visual marketplace. 



8 Outstanding Europe Venues

With a huge choice of event spaces throughout Europe, it can be incredibly difficult to choose the best venue for your event. You want to stand out in the most unique way possible, however you also want to be easily accessible to your attendees and sometimes these don't go hand in hand. There are so many incredible venues in Europe, here are outstanding 8!

1. The Eden Project, Cornwall.


 Inside The Eden Project are hundreds of plants, collected from a range of climates and environments from around the globe. You can hold your event in the World's largest indoor rainforest, what a conversation piece! If you're into sustainability, The Eden Project is incredibly environmentally friendly as well as being exceptionally beautiful.

 2. Fairmont Le Montreux Palace, Montreux, Switzerland


 Image Credit http://www.cpp-luxury.com/le-montreux-palace-fairmont-one-of-europes-finest-events-destination/


Image Credit http://www.lhw.com/hotel/Fairmont-Le-Montreux-Palace-Montreux-Switzerland

 This stunning hotel built in 1906 is situated next to Lake Geneva, boasting unbeatable views over the Alps. The venue can host up to 1,200 attendees who are guaranteed to be blown away by the enchanting views and luxurious decorations.

3.  MiCo, Milan


Image Credit  https://ephconference.eu/practical-information-27

Milan Congressi can cater for up to an astounding 18,000 people over around 70 conference rooms. Situated in downtown Milan, the venue has parking for over 1,000 cars and there is even a heliport.

4. La Gaîté Lyrique, Paris



This historical building is located in the heart of Paris. It features an auditorium and a VIP area on the 7th floor stuns with mind-blowing views of the city.  The first image is of the historical foyer which can accommodate cocktails for up to 150 people and dinner for up to 100. 

5.  Martin's Chateau Du Lac, Genval, Belgium

chateau du lac_1

Image Credit  http://www.weekendesk.be/nl/weekend/15276/weekend-in-Genval-Wallonie-wellness-weekend


Image Credit https://www.linkedin.com/company/ch%C3%A2teau-du-lac---martin's-conference-&-spa 

 This lakeside castle venue can accommodate up to 3,180 people in its 22 meeting rooms. They also offer an exquisite menu and administrative services.

6.  Amfora Congress Centre, Croatia


Image Credit http://www.suncanihvar.com/amfora-hvar-grand-beach-resort/conference-centre.html 


 Image Credit http://kongres-magazine.eu/2014/11/amfora-hvar-grand-beach-resort-croatia-2/

The Amfora Congress Centre is located in Hvar, a Croatian Island. This heavenly event space houses business conferences, professional gatherings, team buildngs, incentives and special events. There a few different enchanting meeting and event rooms here. 

7.  Duqeusa de Cardona, Barcelona


Image Credit http://www.ebookers.com/hotels/Spain/Barcelona/Duquesa_de_Cardona_Hotel_Barcelona.h315554/


 Image Credit http://www.hduquesadecardona.com/

What better place to host your event on a rooftop with panoramic of one of the most beautiful cities in the World! Holding your event here will be one to remember, holding up to 90 guests for a banquet or 140 for cocktails.

8. The Westin Excelsior, Florence


Image Credit  http://www.luxuryhotelexperts.com/property.php?hotel_ID=343


Image Credit  http://excelsiorhotel.co/italy/westin-excelsior-florence

 Hold your meeting in this stunning hotel in Florence, with extravagent interior and equally impressive exterior, this venue is one like no other. 

8.  Shangri-La, London


Image Credit http://www.obis360.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Screen-Shot-2015-06-08-at-10.30.33.png


Image Credit  http://www.shangri-la.com/london/shangrila/meetings-events/

Back in the UK is Shangri La,  just a 2 minute walk from London Bridge railway. There are 3 meeting rooms here named Ren, Li and Yi named after 3 of the 5 constant virtues of Confucianism. Ren looks beautifully over the River Thames and London with room for 140 guests to look out of the floor to ceiling windows. Li looks over London Bridge and has room for around 30 guests, Yi boasts unbeatable views of London's Tower Bridge and the Tower of London, again with floor to ceiling windows. This meeting space is not for the faint hearted!


Burning Out, Social Media and Transportation

All of us feel completely unmotivated sometimes, but for a lot of people it is more permanent than others. When working in a creative job, its often easy to lose all hope in thinking about new ideas, it becomes hard to work long hours as you aren’t enjoying yourself and the multi-tasking is piling up on top of you. Having some guidance on how to overcome a lack of enthusiasm for your job can be one of the first places to start when attempting to overcome your burnout. Here are some tips on ‘Ways for Event Professionals to Avoid Burnout’.

Look for signs of negative attitudes and tiredness; if you find these early you may be able to do something about it before it becomes a real problem. Try not to let your work suffer from your burnout!
If you think of your job as a chore, try to change your attitude or if not change your job! If you don’t like what you’re doing there are plenty of steps you can take to create your own freedom and happiness in a job. 
Give yourself a bit more of a break by sharing and delegating tasks, you don’t always have to be in charge and if it is stressful it will make you unhappy. Sometimes delegating tasks means they will get done quicker.
Everybody needs a break at some point; don’t try to over work yourself. Try not to work when you are at home or out of work hours, taking a break is always good for you.
Along with turning off work when you are home or on lunch, learn that it is ok to say no sometimes. Saying no means you have more time to handle tasks that matter more and do a better job on those. 
Is there something that you used to enjoy outside of work that you don’t do anymore because of lack of time?  Your life shouldn’t just be work and that’s it, do the things that make you, you!
Make sure you are healthy; if you aren’t healthy your work won’t be as healthy as it should.

Sleep, sleep, sleep! It is one of the things we need most to be successful.

Social Media is now one of the biggest and best ways to market events, it helps people feel involved and will increase the excitement leading up to your event. By making a social media platform for your event, it gives attendees the chance to interact about it and increase their interest in attending. There are a few things you can do to ensure your events’ social media page does its job, here are ’10 ideas to make your event’s social media better’

Build anticipation of your event by sharing photographs from last year’s event. This will get past attendees remembering your event and increase their excitement for the next. 
Create a video of last year’s footage and include music. It will be good for past attendees to see themselves in action, but make sure the video is amusing.
Post positive attendee feedback on your account, you could include nice images of your event location with these images to attract more readers.
Create one simple hash tag for your event and stick to it. Make it memorable and clever.
Give past attendees discount codes they can share. You can track the code to see how far it has gone and provide visual content they can share. 
At the event you can encourage attendees to post their experiences on facebook, twitter, instagram etc. Offer places that remind attendees how to connect with you online.
Get your staff to share content but don’t forget to do it yourself.
Get staff to tweet content from speakers because it’s unlikely that people can go to every session they desire. 
Post event, you could share recordings of speakers so if people couldn’t make the event still have the benefits. 

Ask questions after the event so people can voice their opinions, you can create content with this to share for the next event or just to keep the event buzz alive. 

There are other ways to help attendees at events, other than creating a buzz on social media; they also need to be able to travel to your event! This can be difficult for some people as they may not have the links etc, so here are ’10 Critical Tips to Stay on Track With Event Transportation.

Think up an efficient plan, the last thing you want is a bad start! Your guests will feel much better if they know what is going on, and can also tell if you know what is going on too. 
Prepare for change because it is more than likely with transportation, you never know what is going to happen to stop you in your tracks. Prepare for road closures, illness and more and don’t panic!
Always stay positive and keep your mind on customer service. Attendees will know if you feel stressed out. Interact with your guests in a positive manner.
Keep on track of everyone and in contact so you are aware of any changes, this gives you the chance to prepare for your backup option
Make sure your staff know what is going on at all times so they are prepared too, they need to be aware of the changes.
If you are paying for transportation they should be on time and understand the needs of your guests, be firm however be professional too.
Evaluate the route you are taking your guests on, as you would evaluate a venue. Make sure you know about road closures and delays.
Change it up a bit with a bike or boat ride to your event! Obviously this can’t always be done but you could try and it would make it more memorable.
If the journey is long then create some entertainment for them so that they don’t get bored and restless.
Evaluate areas for improvement, find travel companies you like and find creative ways to get your guests where they need to be.


Workshop Training and Venue Design

If this Monday morning is dragging you down and you’re feeling a little uninspired, you are not alone! We’re here to help with ‘9 Ideas to Spice up Your Workshop or Training and Engage Your Audience.’ It is hard to be a great teacher; I imagine that when we were all at school there was a teacher we just happened to dislike for wanting to help us learn, so when holding a training event you want to be liked and listened to. Here are some tips to help you there.

Make sure your content is relevant to what you’re teaching and try not to lose track of your aim. A good way to achieve this is to ask them what they want to learn and how you can help them achieve their goal. 
Everyone responds to learning differently. Try to accommodate all different styles of learning whether it be physical activities or using diagrams, there are ways to combine these to make an efficient learning style.
Be different to other training rooms, change the furniture and lay it out differently, it will be a great start to your training session if you surprise attendees. They are guaranteed to be more motivated when they are encouraged to liven up.
Try to make the session more exciting by using props; sometimes the best ways to learn are by having fun.
Try out a few games or competitions that will use the attendees focus to learn without even realising. 
It’s good to relate your topics and subjects to everyday life so that they are relatable to the attendee. It is then more likely to embed in their memories.
Music is a good way to get people excited for the session, it will get them pumped and ready to go, when it is time to settle play something mellower.
When you are teaching for too long the students brains will just close off, they will get restless and stop listening, this will be a waste of your time and theirs. Don’t make your session too long and make sure you provide breaks and some food. 

Make sure that if someone has a good idea or suggestion, that you praise them. If you recognise their efforts it will boost their morale. 

Try to make your workshop fun and unforgettable. Attendees will appreciate and learn more when there is ‘doing’ involved, rather than just sitting and listening. Try a survey at the end to see what they thought and then perhaps you can change your training session for the better next time. Ways to spice up your workshop include changing up the way the venue looks and feels for attendees. Her are ‘8 Inexpensive Event Design Ideas to Wow Your Attendees.

Try not to use a conventional layout, brainstorm ideas on how best to use your space. Put tables in a unique shape or use different kinds of chairs.
Chairs are a great way to change up a design; seating doesn’t have to be boring or ugly to serve a purpose! You could use beanbags instead of chairs as a comfortable and fun alternative. A good way to get guests involved and engaged is by having communal seating.
Add colour with lights, crockery, linens etc.
Make your food display attention catching so that it is exciting, food is art. Edible items can be made into a conversation starter.
Use local and upcoming artists to make interesting displays, they will want to get their work out and it won’t cost you that much.
Bring in natural elements like branches and wildflowers, this is cheaper and sometimes more effective than using huge flower displays. Your event could be outside therefore it would require less money to be spent on decoration.
Cheaper fabrics and paper will add decoration and texture to your event. Use fun and colourful paper as programs and place cards.
Use your team to do most of the labour work to cut those costs and they can perhaps be more creative with the designs. 
Event design is very important in creating one that will impress your guests. Get your whole team involved to create something everyone will be in awe of! 


#37 of 51 Predictions for the Events Industry 2016

Here at ITR we’re interested in the thoughts and insights from event industry suppliers, customers and experts on what this year has in store, so we have produced a document of 51 Predictions for the Events Industry in 2016. We’re going to share one a day with you for the next 51 days, here’s one from Paul Harris, Eventsforce Solutions.
“We see the 2016 events marketplace as providing some exciting opportunities. 

With the value of in house developers being realised many of our customers large and small are using API access to connect their events data to their other systems.

This is smart business which can maximise sales and ensure every tool works it's hardest to drive efficiency. It's all about getting to know your customer better, on a larger scale.  
2015 saw a few data security stories in the headlines. Event managers will no doubt give this issue greater attention and significance in response to demands for better security.
2016 will be no different to every other year applying pressure to deliver more for less!
Hopefully the #ParisAgreement will apply real pressure to reduce carbon emissions. Savvy UK event managers will no doubt lead the way in this responsible and ethical area.”


#36 of 51 Predictions for the Events Industry 2016

Here at ITR we’re interested in the thoughts and insights from event industry suppliers, customers and experts on what this year has in store, so we have produced a document of 51 Predictions for the Events Industry in 2016. We’re going to share one a day with you for the next 51 days, here’s one from Will Poole, Troxy.

“I think 2016 will continue with a trend of experiential and immersive experiences becoming more and more commonplace in all events and social media will be at the heart of everything.”


#35 of 51 Predictions for the Events Industry 2016

Here at ITR we’re interested in the thoughts and insights from event industry suppliers, customers and experts on what this year has in store, so we have produced a document of 51 Predictions for the Events Industry in 2016. We’re going to share one a day with you for the next 51 days, here’s one from Peter Kerwood, Concerto.

“This will be the year that immersive concepts really begin to take hold in the events industry. Immersive theatre is a phenomenon that has taken audiences’ experiences to another level over the past few years. 

With the likes of Secret Cinema and the Olivier Award nominated You Me Bum Bum Train leading the way in immersive events, audiences are beginning to expect more - and nowhere is this more relevant than in the events industry.
Secret Cinema’s most recent production, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, sold over 85,000 tickets, continuing to indicate that there is a real market for shared experiences on a massive scale. The event wasn’t simply about watching a film; it was much more than that. Guests found themselves transported into the movie, complete with patrolling Stormtroopers, R2-D2, the infamous cantina and a gambling den showing pod racing. 
Concerto’s bespoke specialist Mask launched a new identity in 2015, with a top-secret immersive experience of its own: Welcome to the Deadhouse. A dark, filmic experience within Somerset House's Dickensian Lightwells, the one-night only immersive experience was themed around the idea of “beauty in decay.”
No longer are people simply observing entertainment as it goes on around them, immersive theatre is encouraging guests to get involved, giving them the power to influence as they step far away from their comfort zone.

In order to continue impressing and exciting guests, events industry professionals must take note of the progress of immersive experiences, and offer clients something their guests will never expect. “


Fundraising Ideas and the Many Questions we ask Ourselves.

As Sport Relief is coming up, two members of our sales team, Alex and Jason, have decided to take on a massive task. They will be running 29k, from Shrewsbury to our ITR head office in Telford. Last year they cycled the same distance and it was not easy! If you think the classic bake sale isn’t enough and you want to take it to the next level for Sport Relief helping change thousands of unfortunate lives, here are ’10 Unique, Unusual and Fantastic Fundraising Event Ideas’.
Dressing up is a great way to raise money, however if you want to boost it up a little then you could dress up whilst running a fair distance or doing something daring. 
Last September over 600 people decided to dress up as Gorillas and run 8km around London landmarks, all in aid of raising money for endangered animals. The London Great Gorilla Run raised around £100,000 for The Gorilla Organisation and even caught the eye of a few celebrities. 
Try an eating challenge! Everyone loves a challenge, especially when food is involved! A large plate of nachos, a 2ft hot dog, you name it, someone could probably eat it!
Involve children in your fundraising event, you don’t have to charge much but everyone loves to sponsor children!
Try an original idea you haven’t seen before, you can use the same one every year attracting more fundraisers to your event each time.
Put your fundraiser on social media to gain more attraction and drive the traffic your way!
Try to involve animals as much as you can! Who isn’t a sucker for a furry bunny?
Use a theme for your fundraiser such as a movie, book or TV program.
Add a splash of water to your event and have people who are crazy enough jump in freezing water, perhaps dressed up as sharks or something to do with the sea. 
It doesn’t make you crazy if you ask yourself questions from time to time, in fact it makes you efficient and on top of your game at all times. Well, you’re not alone. It turns out that everybody at some point asks themselves a few questions, whether they are normal or not. Here are ’10 Questions Great EventProfs Ask Everyday’.
How can I do this differently? 
Why not?
Is it realistic?
Will attendees love this?
Am I getting the best deal?
Where are the weak points?
What would happen if…?
Am I spending my energies in the right place?
Am I being true to my companies brand values?
What could I/we have done better?
There are varied answers to all of these questions however by answering them yourself; you are likely to improve yourself and your business. You could try writing the questions and answers down so you remember if you wanted to change the way you do something or what you could have handled better. 


#34 of 51 Predictions for the Events Industry 2016

Here at ITR we’re interested in the thoughts and insights from event industry suppliers, customers and experts on what this year has in store, so we have produced a document of 51 Predictions for the Events Industry in 2016. We’re going to share one a day with you for the next 51 days, here’s one from John Houchin, Pylon One.

“Dependence on and expectations of WiFi will continue to grow as will the the expectation that this should be free. Bandwidth demands will increase due to the continued growth of video streaming and in particular apps like Meerkat and Periscope that allow individuals to stream direct from their mobile device.

There will also start to be a shortage in experienced technicians, those with more than 10 years in the event industry, as clients realise the benefit that this experience can bring and the demands for this therefore increase to outstrip supply.”


Interactive Meetings, Venue Selection and Tell Tale Signs You're Not Made for Event Planning!

Dialogue is not always key to people listening; words can sometimes go in one ear and out of the other! It is important that you find new and fresh ways to engage your attendees to ensure they get the most out of your meetings and conferences. Being interactive is one of the most common ways to increase engagement.  Here are ‘The 15 Foundations of Interactive Meetings’. 
Without focus and objectives at your meeting, it is likely that the meeting will run off track, so set a goal and then review at the end to see if you think your goals have been achieved. 
Design your meeting so that it changes up at each stage.
Give the element of surprise at your meetings, it will encourage attendees to participate and keep them on their toes.
Create an environment where everyone can speak their mind and ask any questions, no matter how simple. Your attendees should feel comfortable asking questions.
Involve every aspect of a topic.
Be realistic with timings and discussions
Communication between attendees is the key to equality at your meeting. 
Make sure it is clear to attendees what the goal of the meeting is and what you expect from the outcome, as well as how the results will be utilised. 
Schedule some time for you to speak to attendees about you or hold a Q&A
Draw a clear line under what is open for discussion and what isn’t.
Make sure your meeting is spaced out with interaction being the main factor in all stages of the day. Try not to bore them with 5 speeches in a row because this is likely to de-motivate. 
If a conversation detour has added value to your meeting, don’t be afraid to change it up a little bit. 
If an attendee makes a suggestion you don’t find relevant to your meeting, you could refer them to someone else or provide an alternative to their idea.
Encourage participants to voice their opinions and ideas, not just sit back and let the questions build up in their heads.

Have your speakers’ change their ways a little by shortening their speech time to encourage more questions from attendees.

One of the main routes to success about being interactive at a meeting is not to hold back. Try something new and it is likely it will go down a treat and everyone will end up feeling the benefits from your meeting.
When holding a meeting or any kind of event, there are little things more important than choosing the right venue. Choosing the wrong one could result in less attendees, too many attendees and the worst carpet! Event Manager Blog put together a report of the Venue of the Future, they have now put together the ‘7 Trends Affecting Venue Selection’. Technology is definitely one of the main factors which determine the way we chose a venue, there needs to be enough room to fill the event with the latest amazing tech!
Unusual venues are becoming increasingly popular within the events industry such as Art Galleries, Theatres and Museums. We want to surprise our attendees with beautiful surroundings!
Event Professionals research venues online using Social Media, Online Review Sites and Directories.
Relationships with teams are becoming more important 
Wi-Fi at a venue is definitely one of the most important factors so that attendees can boast about the event all over social media!
If the Wi-Fi connection is poor then and there are charges, there is a definite disadvantage to those with a cracking connection and is also free!

There must be a healthy menu, with everyone turning vegan and all!

 There are some people in the events industry who don’t appreciate the values like others. It can happen to us all, when we chose a job we think sounds amazing and like a breeze, but then we realise it isn’t all we expected it would be. Here are ‘7 Ways to Tell You’re Not Event Professional Material’.
When planning an event, details are everywhere. Dates, times, locations, passwords, menus plus hundreds more. These details are what makes the event what it is and if one tiny thing is wrong, the whole event could be turned on its head.
Social Media is one of the best ways of advertising your event;  you can post your details all over Facebook and twitter plus much more. If you don’t like using these websites then perhaps this job just isn’t for you.
Content marketing is major when event planning so if you hate scribbling words then perhaps think again!
A lot of people aren’t people people! If you find yourself disliking certain qualities about people and you aren’t confident talking to everyone then you might want to learn how to!
Event planning has a certain reputation of being the perfect job to travel the globe and attend hundreds of parties, however it is not all just parties and after parties, there is a lot of desk work involved, not great if you hate sitting still!
Multi-tasking is definitely one of the hardest parts of planning; you can’t be everywhere at once no matter how much you need to be.
If you’re all about planning everything last minute then this isn’t for you either, you have to be prepared for the best and worst outcomes.


#33 of 51 Predictions for the Events Industry 2016

Here at ITR we’re interested in the thoughts and insights from event industry suppliers, customers and experts on what this year has in store, so we have produced a document of 51 Predictions for the Events Industry in 2016. We’re going to share one a day with you for the next 51 days, here’s one from Dan Orchard, Blue-i.

“We have always served the industry across a wide range of sectors however some areas such as big Pharma have reduced following the recession where others such as Automotive, Leisure and Retail have remained strong.

Big Pharma has returned and grown over the past 12 months and we expect to see continuing growth in this sector over the coming year. 

Across the events industry we are encountering the need to bring something new to the table, particularly for established events that have traditionally been set in a particular format.

Audience engagement and interactivity continues to develop due to demand and we find ourselves investing heavily in high powered yet compact processing systems in order to scale down otherwise large and complex technology to bring the “wow factor” from the arenas into the smaller venues.

In 2016 we see ourselves providing more full service work which has grown over the past year and as the market continues to recover from the aftermath of the recession, the key will be delivering innovation and fresh ideas within the legacy budgets that are still prevailing.”



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